We aren't an agency. We're carers that are upset with the industry and think it can do better.

About Clean&Care


Clean&Care was set up by a carer that after many years in the industry felt that private and public companies just aren't doing it right. This is the core of Clean&Care, and why we go to the lengths we do to make our customers happy and comfortable in their homes.


We aren't an agency, we work directly for our customers. This cuts out the middle-man and helps us provide affordable care and quality carers. It also means that you reserve rights to opt out of our services if you are not happy.


Our customer's have opted for home care rather than residential care and that's important. It's why we try to make their lives easier without treating them like a patient.


We're happy to discuss any queries over the phone. So why not give us a call and change the life of your loved one today?

Areas we cover

We operate out of Great Yarmouth but cover the following areas:

- Caister-on-Sea

- Gorleston-on-Sea

- Burgh Castle

- Belton

Please reach out to us if you are interested but fall a bit further afield. We will always try to accommodate.