• Miranda Simmonds

The Next Chapter

Carers are continuously not given their worth and many clients needs being neglected.

For the past six weeks I've been flying solo, trying to make small changes to the care industry. It's been great - in fact I wish I had jumped ship of my previous employer sooner.

I have a handful of clients with whom I am building a great rapport with, visiting them regularly and in a more relaxed environment. I'm able to know exactly who I will visit on a day to day basis and my clients are happier knowing who to expect and that it will be someone familiar with their medical history and lifestyle choices, we are not rushed due to a strict timetable. Something that simply isn't possible when working for most care firms.

I really feel as if my clients appreciate my time which gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I leave knowing that I have devoted the time necessary to meet their individual needs, I never leave a client less than fully relaxed and comfortable - often going above and beyond the time I am scheduled for (obviously not charging for this).

When vulnerable people are able to gain trust in a carer/cleaner it makes a huge change to their mental and physical health and therefore more able to gain confidence and independence.

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