• Miranda Simmonds

Doing Our Bit Over The Past 6 Weeks

I am happy to say that we are now coming to the end of the sixth week of lockdown, with Boris Johnson to give a statement later this week on lockdown rules now that the UK has passed the worst of coronavirus. Whilst the worst is over, it is likely that for the foreseeable life will return to a 'new normal' with strict hygiene and social distancing rules in place. Like most small businesses, it's been a tough six weeks for Clean&Care.

Many vulnerable people have reached out to us and we have been able to support the most vulnerable with contactless shopping for supplies, medication collections and telephone calls, whilst keeping the safety of our customers paramount (with thanks to a lot of latex gloves, face masks and sanitising products!). We've done our best to do this free of charge for the most vulnerable and in need where possible.

I've seen first hand the very difficult time this has been for those who live away from family and for those self isolating and I hope that we have been able to alleviate some of the worry and anxiety along the way. Whether that's through delivering necessities, providing essential care for those who cannot live independently, or just being a friendly voice on the phone (or over the wall).

This pandemic is affecting everyone world wide, and it's great to see the community in Great Yarmouth really come together in solidarity with encouragement for the NHS, and donations of vital PPE.

Like most, my family have faced the consequences which has been difficult to balance with the added demand from work. We had a family funeral that we weren't able to attend because of the lockdown and recently had a new, adorable grandson born! We won’t get to meet the newborn until the lockdown has been released. Our daughter was due to get married in Northern France which has also had to be postponed.

A special thanks to my friends, family and regular clients who have been super helpful and understanding and for those who have reached out during the pandemic trusting us to meet their needs.

As always, if you have a question or need help - get in touch.

Stay well,


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